Olivewood and mother of pearl are two popular materials used in handcrafted items, creating unique and beautiful pieces. These materials, when combined, offer a rich contrast and a luxurious feel, making the end product eye-catching and special. One such place that is renowned for crafting items with these materials is Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. The city has a rich history of wood carving, and olivewood is considered one of the finest woods for carving, making it a popular choice for craftsmen in the area. Mother of pearl, with its iridescent sheen, adds an extra touch of elegance to the finished product, making the handcrafted items from Bethlehem truly one-of-a-kind.

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Holy Family Carved in Star

SKU: M0000001 Price: $70

Holy Family Printed On Stone

SKU: M0000003 Price: $20

Holy Family Star

SKU: M0000002 Price: $120

Jesus Carved on MOB And olive Sheild

SKU: M0000004 Price: $30

Church Carved on MOB And olive Sheild

SKU: M0000005 Price: $30

8 Shape Star

SKU: M000006 Price: $150

Nativity Star

SKU: M000007 Price: $300

Bethlehem Star 5

SKU: M000008 Price: $100

Bethlehem Star 14

SKU: M000009 Price: $60

Bethlehem Star 7 Shape

SKU: M000010 Price: $100


SKU: M000011 Price: $10


SKU: M000012 Price: $35

Bethlehem Star 7 Shape

SKU: M000013 Price: $150

Nativity Grotto With Palted Floor And MOP Set

SKU: M0000014 Price: $150

Nativity Star Wih Round MOP

SKU: M0000015 Price: $5

Wood And MOP Earings Eye Drop shape

SKU: M0000016 Price: $6

Wood And MOP Earings Round shape

SKU: M0000017 Price: $6

Wood And MOP Earings Triangle shape

SKU: M0000018 Price: $6

Wood And MOP Earings Diamond shape

SKU: M0000019 Price: $6

Wood And MOP Oak shape

SKU: M0000020 Price: $6

Star Of Bethlehem With MOP

SKU: M0000021 Price: $5

Shining Star of Nativity

SKU: M0000022 Price: $5

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