Team Members

The Piccirillo Handicraft Center employs many artisans, and collaborates with local workshops to create and sell authentic Bethlehem handicrafts all over the world. Because our mission moves beyond the scope of “business as usual,” our team building objectives includes integrating people with disabilities, and training community members who have not grown up in longstanding handicraft families. As our reputation grows locally and internationally, so does our commitment to our founding motto, “With and for the people.”

Caroline Mourra


Salim Anton Atick

Mother of Pearl Artist Master

Mo'taz Danoun

Olive Wood Perforation

Mohammad Jubran

Olive Wood Carving

Fayez George Hosh

Sawing Wood Master

Elias Lousi

Laser Perforation Teacher

Issa Basem Kharoufeh

General Manager

Niveen Bishara Daibes

School Supervisor

Narmeen Sima'n Begi

Mother of Pearl & Ceramic Assistant

Toni Hanna Al Ama

Health Care Employee

George Basil Al Shomali

Assistant in Wood Prodcution

Toni Sameer Qumsieh

Assistant in Wood Prodcution

Rami Bishara Nazi

assistant in mother of Peral

George Issa Zieneh

Mother of Peral Assistant

Rula Hanna Salsa'

Ceramist artist